Overseas direct sales

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Product Catalog

It is creating and special for all varieties of steel shaft coupling with quite good functionality of higher tensile power, high use resistant, substantial elastic resilience, drinking water resistant, oil resistant and outstanding exhaustion resilience, large affect resistant and many others. We have total sets injection moulds and provide total assortment of GR, GS, MT, ML, MH, Hb, HRC, L, T, NM and Equipment J collection couplings etc. with higher high quality and exceptional knowledge. Utilize to all types of industrial metal shaft coupling.Service idea, we experienced grow to be one of the principal export chain and transmission equipments in China. TAI at existing largely produce numerous requirements of regular and non-normal chains, these kinds of as transmission chain, conveyor chain, agricultural chain, motorbike chain, stainless steel chain, also create a variety of technical specs and resources of chain sprocket, pulley, timing pulley, taper bush and coupling.We are producer, engineer had prosperous knowledge above 20 a long time.