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Product It is designing and specific for all types of metallic shaft coupling with quite excellent functionality of high tensile strength, large wear resistant, higher elastic resilience, drinking water resistant, oil resistant and excellent tiredness resilience, large impact resistant and so forth. We have entire sets injection moulds and provide entire variety of GR, GS, MT, ML, MH, Hb, HRC, L, T, NM and Equipment J sequence couplings and so forth. with high top quality and outstanding expertise. Use to all types of industrial metal shaft coupling.NO. Hangzhou everpower Market Co., Ltd. offer universal joint, a foremost company of universal joint and drive shaft merchandise these kinds of as PTO. Engineering Course Conveyor Chain, Fall Forged Rivetless Chain, Solid Chain, Sugar Mill Chain pvc layflat hose Thickness 1mm-4mm Working Strain 2bar-10bar Operating Temperature -five&ordmC to +sixty five&ordmC Features Tough, Gentle Excess weight with Large Stress Transporting Medium Drinking water, Liquid Fertilizer, Chemical Liquid Link Camlock, Kc Nipple, Hose Mender, Bauer, Storz, Pin Good quality Quality Surroundings Safety Quality Bursting Pressure 6bar-30bar Coloration Blue/Orange/Yellow/Purple/Green Trademark ET Transportation Deal Woven Plastic Fabric Wrapped, Covered by Paper Card Specification three/4ep-16ep Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland) HS Code 3917390000

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pvc h2o delivery hose / water pump lay flat hoseProduct:1. common duty pvc layflat hose2. medium duty pvc layflat hose3. hefty duty pvc layflat hose4. layflat hose assembly5. colorfu: blue, green, red, yellow, orange and many others.6. various dimensions: 1” to 16”Heavy Obligation PVC Layflat Hose is also referred to as large force layflat hose, drainage hose, mining hose, quarry hose, drag hose and many others. Which is an perfect hose made for liquid supply in high doing work force.Application:Primarily employed for high strain sprinkling &amp dewatering, underground mining, gentle chemical compounds shipping and delivery, mild gavel or mud discharge, construction dewatering, mining shipping, marine industries and so on.Functions:Substantial force resistant, operating stress is 6-8bar, lays straight without having kinking, abrasion resistant with clean internal levels which make it a super star in mining and quarry area exactly where friction is transpired constantly, resistant to mild substances, exceptional efficiency on sloped floor, UV resistant, assembled with different sorts fittings and short duration available.Specification:Regular Obligation PVC Layflat Hose:InnerDiameterWallThicknessWeightW.P.(at23&ordmC)StdLengthinchmminchmmkg/mbarpsimft1250.0471.20.155751003001-one/4320.0471.20.175751003001-1/2380.0491.250.195751003002510.0431.10.224601003002-one/2640.0471.twenty.34601003003760.0471.20.3546010030041020.0471.20.5346010030051270.0531.350.7546010030061530.0531.350.946010030082030.0711.81.6345100300102540.0942.forty two.634550150123050.0942.forty three.123050150143580.1183523050150164080.1183623050150

Medium Responsibility PVC Layflat Hose:

InnerDiameterWallThicknessWeightW.P.(at23&ordmC)StdLengthinchmminchmmkg/mbarpsimft1250.0511.thirty.1681201003001-1/4320.0511.thirty.1971001003001-one/2380.0511.30.2171001003002510.0531.350.36901003002-1/2640.0571.450.46901003003760.0571.450.569010030041020.0711.80.869010030051270.0751.91.0869010030061530.0942.forty one.669010030082030.1032.62.257550150

Hefty Obligation PVC Layflat Hose:

InnerDiameterWallThicknessWeightW.P.(at23&ordmC)StdLengthinchmminchmmkg/mbarpsimft1250.061.fifty.19101501003001-one/4320.061.fifty.21101501003001-1/2380.0711.70.29101501003002510.0611.550.3581201003002510.0691.750.4101501003002-one/2640.07920.6101501003003760.07920.6681201003003760.0952.forty.81015010030041020.0832.ten.92812010030041020.0952.411015010030051270.0751.91.081015010030061530.11832812010030082030.1263.22.869050150Product Gain:one. uniformly coated interior and outer layer, no leaking.2. higher tensile polyester yarn reinforced, higher doing work pressure, minimal growth.three. interior and outer layers extruded at very same time, outstanding bonding, no delaminating.four. maximum size is 16”, size is customizable.five. We can supply the layflat hose assembled with different couplings.six.Anti-UV, No shade transformed, 3 years support daily life.seven.Anti-twist, twist element&lt30&deg, suited for drip irrigation.8.Huge wall thickness, striped surface area, abrasion resistant, suited for poor working problem.nine. Acid-foundation resistant, suitable for shipping of gentle chemicals in mining market.Solution Procedure:

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Product NO. pvc layflat hose Thickness 1mm-4mm Functioning Stress 2bar-10bar Working Temperature -5&ordmC to +sixty five&ordmC Attributes Sturdy, Light Excess weight with Large Stress Transporting Medium Water, Liquid Fertilizer, Chemical Liquid Connection Camlock, Kc Nipple, Hose Mender, Bauer, Storz, Pin High quality Grade Surroundings Protection Quality Bursting Strain 6bar-30bar Coloration Blue/Orange/Yellow/Red/Green Trademark ET Transport Bundle Woven Plastic Cloth Wrapped, Covered by Paper Card Specification 3/4ep-16ep Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland) HS Code 3917390000

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pvc water supply hose / drinking water pump lay flat hoseProduct:one. common responsibility pvc layflat hose2. medium obligation pvc layflat hose3. large responsibility pvc layflat hose4. layflat hose assembly5. colorfu: blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and so forth.6. numerous measurement: 1” to 16”Heavy Obligation PVC Layflat Hose is also named large strain layflat hose, drainage hose, mining hose, quarry hose, drag hose and so forth. Which is an ideal hose created for liquid shipping in large operating pressure.Software:Primarily employed for large stress sprinkling &amp dewatering, underground mining, light-weight substances delivery, light gavel or mud discharge, development dewatering, mining shipping, marine industries and so on.Characteristics:High stress resistant, doing work stress is 6-8bar, lays straight with out kinking, abrasion resistant with easy inner layers which make it a tremendous star in mining and quarry spot in which friction is occurred repeatedly, resistant to mild chemicals, exceptional functionality on sloped ground, UV resistant, assembled with various varieties fittings and limited length obtainable.Specification:Normal Duty PVC Layflat Hose:InnerDiameterWallThicknessWeightW.P.(at23&ordmC)StdLengthinchmminchmmkg/mbarpsimft1250.0471.twenty.155751003001-1/4320.0471.20.175751003001-one/2380.0491.250.195751003002510.0431.10.224601003002-1/2640.0471.20.34601003003760.0471.20.3546010030041020.0471.twenty.5346010030051270.0531.350.7546010030061530.0531.350.946010030082030.0711.eighty one.6345100300102540.0942.42.634550150123050.0942.43.123050150143580.1183523050150164080.1183623050150

Medium Responsibility PVC Layflat Hose:


Weighty Responsibility PVC Layflat Hose:

InnerDiameterWallThicknessWeightW.P.(at23&ordmC)StdLengthinchmminchmmkg/mbarpsimft1250.061.fifty.19101501003001-1/4320.061.fifty.21101501003001-one/2380.0711.70.29101501003002510.0611.550.3581201003002510.0691.750.4101501003002-one/2640.07920.6101501003003760.07920.6681201003003760.0952.40.81015010030041020.0832.ten.92812010030041020.0952.411015010030051270.0751.ninety one.081015010030061530.11832812010030082030.1263.22.869050150Product Benefit:one. uniformly coated internal and outer layer, no leaking.two. high tensile polyester yarn reinforced, large working pressure, minimal enlargement.three. internal and outer levels extruded at very same time, exceptional bonding, no delaminating.4. highest size is 16”, length is customizable.five. We can offer the layflat hose assembled with distinct couplings.6.Anti-UV, No shade altered, three a long time services lifestyle.seven.Anti-twist, twist element&lt30&deg, suited for drip irrigation.8.Massive wall thickness, striped surface, abrasion resistant, ideal for bad working condition.nine. Acid-base resistant, ideal for supply of gentle substances in mining industry.Item Procedure: