Curved-Tooth Gear Coupling



A curved-tooth gear coupling is a coupling that uses internal and external teeth to mesh to realize the coupling of two coupling halves. Since teeth continuously transmit the applied torque. This reduces the loading of the individual tooth, but it also ensures a very smooth rotary motion.

A curved-tooth gear coupling is simple in structure, high in reliability, and extended in life; suitable for harsh environments with high speed, high power, high temperature, and corrosive effect; it has extensive axial and angular compensation capabilities, good resistance to misalignment, and has vibration absorption and Vibration isolation function; no noise, zero clearance, constant speed, no lubrication, small radial size, large load capacity, commonly used in a low rate and heavy load working conditions of shafting transmission, high precision and dynamically balanced gear coupling The device can be used for high-speed movement.

Features of Curved-tooth Gear Coupling:

1. It is especially suitable for connecting high-power power devices with a high power-to-mass ratio.

2. The diaphragm group has a solid ability to withstand misalignment and has specific damping and noise reduction capabilities. The misalignment capability can meet the misalignment requirements of most power transmission devices during operation.

3. The curved-tooth gear coupling can be assembled and disassembled without disturbing the enslaver and agent devices. The collar can be replaced within 2 hours, which improves the equipment utilization rate.

4. There is no gap and constant low unbalance. The noise-free coupling parts are assembled without gaps, without operating noise, and maintain the same initial dynamic balance accuracy.

5. It can be operated under harsh environmental conditions. It can be used within 300 degrees Celsius. It can be performed in corrosive environments such as acid, alkali, salt spray, etc.

6. No lubrication, no maintenance; it can fundamentally eliminate the vibration of the toothed coupling due to tooth surface wear to avoid a series of troubles such as the new imbalance caused by the oil accumulation of the diaphragm coupling.

7. Apply a predictable low additional load to the connecting device. Compared with similar flexible transmission elements, the Curved teeth coupling exerts a predictable minimum force and bending moment on the connecting device.

Curved Tooth Coupling

A curved tooth coupling is a gear coupling used in many applications. It’s compact, lightweight, and offers a perfect fit. These couplings are designed to provide positive torque transmission. They are very popular in the transmission industry.
Curved tooth couplings come in a variety of sizes and types. They are ideal for many applications, including transmissions and hydraulic equipment. Additionally, the curved star bracket prevents edge stress and ensures longer star bracket life. There are several advantages to choosing a curved star bracket, such as increased contact area, reduced edge pressure, and high shock absorption.
A crank coupling is a special type specifically designed to transmit torque from a drive shaft to a driven shaft. The curved teeth on the coupling hub are the heart of the coupling.
The curved teeth are lubricated by transmission oil. Moreover, the lubrication of the coupling is guaranteed even if the seals are damaged. Using curved star brackets also reduces maintenance.
The crank coupling is installed between the motor shaft and the pinion shaft. In some cases, curved teeth are integrated into the pinion shaft. However, it is still important to provide adequate lubrication for crooked teeth.

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