VRS High Torque And High Precision Planetary Gearbox



Overview of VRS High torque and high precision Planetary Gearbox

  • With the feature of high precision, it is an ideal solution for higher levels of positional accuracy.
  • Uncaged needle roller bearings can realize high rigidity and high torque.
  • It can be attached to any motor worldwide with the adapter-bushing connection.
  • No grease leakage with the high viscosity anti-separation grease.
  • It can be matched with a servo motor and stepper motor.

High Precision Planetary Gearbox

Indication of Model Numbers of VRS Speed Reducers

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Description of VRS High Precision Servo Gearboxes

VRS High Precision Planetary Gearbox is a kind of inline speed reducer with a compact structure and high precision. The VRS series planetary gear reducer has exceptional load capabilities, and it is an ideal selection for higher speed and continuous duty applications. VRS series planetary gearboxes have two optional backlashes: Micro precision backlash P0 (1~3 arcmin) and precision backlash P1 (3~5 arcmin) without standard backlash P2.

The use of tapered roller bearings at the gearbox’s output allows the VRS flange helical planetary gearbox to handle larger radial and thrust loads. This unique design of internal structure contributes to the smooth and quiet running.

Application of VRS Planetary Reducers

As a recommended precision planetary servo gearbox, it is a perfect solution for extreme duty operation for servo applications, including gantries, printing equipment, packaging machinery, linear slides, loader robot, injection molding machines, food processing machinery, turret head, auto packing sealing machine, dispenser robot, or any other servo application that require high precision and large radial and thrust loading capacity.

Catalog of VRS Precision Speed Reducer

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Specification Table of VRS Planetary Gear Reducer


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