Steel Pintle Chain



Steel Pintle Chain is designed for dependability and quality. Steel pintle chain is well suited for a wide range of applications, such as salt-sand-fertilizer spreaders, bunk feeders, hay hauling equipment, manure spreader aprons, and similar conveying systems.

Our steel pintle chain features all heat-treated parts with quad-staked pins. The open barrel construction minimizes pin surface contact with the barrel, eliminating freezing due to corrosion. The empty barrel design eliminates material build-up in the roots of sprockets. This assures smoother operation, uniform link wear, more excellent resistance to fatigue, and longer service life.

They are commonly used in agriculture, bucket elevators, citrus processing conveyors, food processing, forest products, grain handling, high-temperature industrial ovens, parts washdown, rubber manufacturing, sugar processing, water treatment. 

Pintle chains are utilized in a wide range of agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Each class of pintle chain has specific attributes dependent upon its intended purposes.

Wastewater Applications:

Both 400-class and 700-class pintle chains are utilized in wastewater collector and drive systems. Our 400-class pintle chains are made from a high-strength cast alloy and come standard with stainless steel cotters. The 700-class pintle chains are available in steel, cast, and acetal (non-metallic) materials.

Spreader Applications:

600-class steel pintle chains and 400-class pintle chains are used in various spreader applications such as; manure spreaders, salt spreaders, fertilizer spreaders, and sand spreaders. The chains are typically accompanied by crossbars/ slats for moving the material.

Conveyor Systems:

Pintle chains of all classes are utilized in a broad spectrum of conveyor systems because of their high strength and long wear life. It is important to note that when designing a pintle chain conveyor, the chain is only made to go in one direction.

Sugar Mills:

400-class, 800-class, and 900-class series pintle chains are utilized in different applications within sugar mills.