Vertical Type Worm Reduction Gearbox



SSJ Group manufactures vertical-type worm gearboxes/units with a wide range of applications in various industry verticals. A vertical type worm gearbox/unit is perfect for turn-tables, time-lapse systems, and low-speed applications that require high precision and torque. Below are the critical features of the vertical-type worm gearbox/unit.

  • Quick and easy installation and adjustment of the gearbox (Elimination of foundations)
  • Various ranges of output RPM and power requirements with durability
  • Low power consumption and provide a high degree of torque
  • Flexible motor mounted in a convenient position
  • High efficiency and low maintenance
  • Extra cooling fins for heat transfer to improve efficiency
  • Xtra cooling fins for heat transfer to enhance efficiency

Vertical Type Worm Reduction Gearbox-1

Vertical Type Worm Reduction Gearbox-2


Vertical Type Worm Reduction Gearbox-3
Vertical Type Worm Reduction Gearbox-4