Worm and Wheel Gears



Worm wheels always accompany a worm. A worm and wheel combination is another method of driving two shafts; the axes typically lie at right angles. The usual driving member, the worm, may have either a single or multi-start thread. A worm wheel can be produced by hobbing with a hob designed for a specific worm size, the number of stars, and the hand of the helix. The hob feed can be either plunge (radial), divergent (axial), or both. This production method is quicker than using a fly tool (fly hob), a single-point tool. Suppose the worm wheel is a multi-start and not a hunting tooth (when the result of the number of teeth in the wheel divided by the number of stars in the worm is not an integer number). In that case, when using a fly tool, the worm wheel has to be indexed into the next lead, and it is as if the worm wheel is cut again and repeated until all the tips (starts) are missed. It is cheaper to make a fly tool than a hob but takes longer to cut the worm wheel. Hobs are usually used for large batch sizes when the cost of the hob can be amortized over a more significant number of components.

Worms are like a screw thread and work with worm wheels, or they can be used to gear with a single helical gear. A single helical gear is cheaper to make than a worm wheel, but the resultant drive is not as good, and it will not last as long in service.

Product Description
Worm and Wheel Gears-1
Product name
Factory Custom Precision Worm And Worm Wheel
Custom Metal or Plastic
Clean or Customized
Machining, Hobbing or Sintered, injection-molded,
ISO9001:2008,SGS, ROHS
PP bag, carton, box, or according to customer’s requirements
Worm and Worm Wheel
10 Sets
Shipped conveniently and cost-effectively.
OEM/ODM available in Shenzhen
Mainly Line
Precision CNC Machining, Precision Stamping Parts, Plastic Injection Molding, Hardware,

1. The transmission structure of the worm shaft is simple, compact, small volume, and lightweight.
2. The worm is made of metal, and the worm wheel is bronze, which has a long service life.
3. If you need more torsion or slower output speed, you can use it to replace the standard 4: 1 worm gear for the worm gearbox.
4. Similarly, the equipment reduces the chance of reverse drive to almost 0.
5. The worm gear is mounted on a 4.7 mm D-axle diameter. The worm is mounted on a 6mm or 4.7mm D-shaped shaft.

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