Customized High-Quality Spiral Bevel Gear



A spiral bevel gear is a bevel gear with helical teeth. The spiral design produces less vibration and noise than a conventional straight-cut bevel gear. They will transmit more power in a given space than straight-cut bevel gears. A spiral bevel gear set should always be replaced in pairs, i.e., both the left-hand and right-hand bags should be returned together since the kits are manufactured and lapped in pairs. Like straight-cut bevel gears, spiral bevel gears are usually mounted at 90 degrees but can work at other angles except for 0 and 180 degrees.

The main application of spiral bevel gears is in a vehicle crown wheel and pinion that houses the differential, where the direction of drive from the drive shaft must be turned 90 degrees to drive the wheels. They are also used in machine tools and reduction gearboxes.

Processing  Forging and machining
Material  stainless steel
Tolerance Controlled by ISO 8062 CT4-6
Design Support Pro-E, UG,SolidWorks,AutoCad, PDF
Quality Control Material, Dimension, Performance,inside defects, Balance test
Standard ASTM,DIN,JIS,ISO,GB standards
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Spiral Bevel Gear-2

Spiral Bevel Gear-3

Spiral Bevel Gear-4

Spiral Bevel Gear-1



1. Material we can work on: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, and Plastic.
2. Processing gear and shaft: Forging, Lathing, Hobbing, Milling, Cutting, Shaping, Shaving, Grinding, Heat treatment, Teeth Grinding, Inspection.
3. Heat Treatment Method: Carburizing, Induction, Flame, Nitriding
4. Main Machines of Gear and shaft  Production we Have: NC gear hobbing machines, NC Gear Shapers(Gleason, Mode), NC lathe, NC gear Shaving machines, NC gear milling, Nc gear grinding Machines.


1) Inner packing: oil paper, Polyethylene bag, box

2) Outer packing: Wooden case or pallet

3) Customized packing is also available

Production Lead Time:

15-35 Days after approval.

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal
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After-sales Service:

Please get in touch with our after-sales service department in time within 30 days after you receive the products

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1) Slight Problem:
Please send the proof to our After-Sales Department, we will reply within 24 hours
2) Serious Problem:
1. We will dispatch our Quality and Problems Appraisers to make a confirmation
2. Have a negotiation of the compensation and sign agreements
3. Our After-Sales Department will perform the duties as the agreements Warranty 12 Months