VRB Planetary Gearbox For Servo Motor



Overview of VRB Planetary Gearbox

  • Quietly operation of VRB speed reducer thanks to the use of helical gears.
  • High precision positioning for backlash smaller than three arcs. Min.
  • High rigidity and tall toque of VRB precision gearbox due to integrated roller bearing.
  • It is convenient to install our servo gearbox on any brand of the motor with any size.
  • The use of high-quality lubrication grease ensures free maintenance and no grease leakage.

Planetary Gearbox For Servo Motor

Indication of Model Numbers of VRB Speed Reducers

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Description of VRB Precision Gearboxes

SSJ Group uses increased technology of precision gears to manufacture high precision and high rigidity of planetary gearbox for customers to meet the increasing demand of high precision applications.

A board range of frame sizes is available for your choice, from the most miniature model of VRB042 to the largest model of VRB220. Besides, we offer a one-stage planetary gearbox with ratios from 3 to10 and a two-stage balance from 15 to 100 for your selection.

All the VRB precision gearbox models have standard input sizes and output sizes. For a customized gearbox, we need to know the input sizes of your motor LR, LE, S, LB, LZ, LA like the following picture. And if the output sizes of the reducer you need are non-standard, please offer us the dimensions you request. Besides, we can also supply custom services to meet your unique requirement.

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For the VRB series inline planetary gear reducer, only two precision levels, P0 (≤2-4 arc.min ) and P1 (≤4-6 turn.min), are provided. If you need high precision helical gear reducer, then our VRB is suitable for you. It is widely used in servo applications and automatic applications. It is usually equipped with the servo motor and stepper motor to enlarge the output torque and reduce the speed. Many customers have benefited from our high-quality planetary speed reducer.

Application of VRB Precision Inline Gearbox

The VRB series high precision planetary gearbox suits your servo and motion control applications. It is widely used in paper equipment, solar energy equipment,  polishing machine, CNC cutting machines, pipe bending machine, automobile equipment, reciprocating machine, engraving machine, glass equipment, woodworking machinery, injection molding machine, aluminum curtain door and window equipment, circuit board equipment, packaging equipment, experimental equipment, coating machine, precision testing instrument, university scientific research Institute, etc.

Catalog of VRB Precision Speed Reducer

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Specification Table of VRB Planetary Gear Reducer


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